Hay4Horses is EquiFyt™ dealer!


From now on we may put ourselves among the limited group of Equifyt dealers. We are pleased that we have found a good addition to roughage that fits well with our vision.

EquiFyt™ markets a balanced product range that takes into account the seasonal needs, performance level and age of the horse all year round.

EquiFyt™ has a very wide choice of cereal-free products.

We have made a selection of products for our company, these will basically be in stock with us and can be found in our shop. If you would like to purchase one of the other EquiFyt ™ products, we can order them for you.

About Us

Since a few years Hay4Horses has provided good quality hay and straw for all kinds of animals! We are specialized in analyzed horse hay, also for the sober varieties. Large stock of small packs throughout the year.

We supply large riding schools, board houses, dairy farmers, zoo's, pet shop's, farrier, veterinary surgeons, horse dentist, private horse owners and even the Dutch top in the horse world!

Apart from our specialization in good quality hay, we also have other products; Flax, straw, wood shavings, roots and we are also a GEDIZO dealer.

Good roughage for your horse is extremely important. We regularly hear stories from customers who see their animals improve enormously by feeding our products. We are very proud of that!

Would you like to know more about prices or our options? Please feel free to contact us.

Our strength

• Giving good and honest advice
• Home delivery of our products
• Wide opening hours for collection of our products
• Good quality products
• Analyze our hay and pre-dry hay
• Strict purchasing policy.

Wij kunnen alle soorten en maten hooi en stro leveren tegen marktgerelateerde prijzen. Ons hooi en stro is van uitstekende kwaliteit. Al ons hooi wordt bemonsterd en geanalyseerd door Eurofins Agro. Hierdoor kunnen we de kwaliteit garanderen en goede kwaliteit leveren voor die uw geliefde dier verdient.


As mentioned earlier we are specialized in horse hay, especially sober breeds. We also have a lot of experience with horses with digestive or weight problems. The good nutritional values in our roughage are of great importance to these animals. We are pleased to hear that our roughage regularly contributes to reducing complaints.

Hay4Horses, Perfect for Horses

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Hoefweg 3
5106 NJ

+31 (0)162 238 600

+31 (0) 6 24 790 914



Hoefweg 3
5106 NJ

+31 (0)162 238 600

+31 (0) 6 24 790 914